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There is no justice, No-one is safe 

2013-06-21 - CLEC

More than a year on, victims of the brutal shooting in February, 2012 demand justice. These young women were shot for requesting a wage increase of around 50 cents per day from their employer, a Puma supplier.

Again former the Bavet Governor, Chhouk Bandith failed to appear in court to face charges forthe brutal shooting of three Cambodian garment workers in February 2012. Last week, Bandithwas tried in absentia on 12-14 June, 2013. During the three day hearing nineteen witnesses were called, eighteen of those were police officers. 

Hearsay from almost all witnesses indicated that the shooter was wearing a bodyguarduniform. Further: 

  • 7 eye-witnesses testified Chhouk Bandith was at the scene of the crime, with a weapon wearing a bodyguard uniform and later fleeing the scene; 
  • 2 eye-witnesses testified that Chhouk Bandith fired that weapon in the direction of thevictims;
  • All statements from Chhouk Bandith admitted that he was present at the scene of the crime and fired his weapon;
  • The only explanation offered was that police officer and scapegoat, Sor Chantha was in fact the shooter; BUT
  • 7 eye-witnesses testified that Sor Chantha was not at the scene of the crime; and
  • A further 7 eye-witnesses testified that Sor Chantha was 500 meters from the scene of the crime, did not have a weapon and was wearing a civil uniform.  

Despite overwhelming evidence that Chhouk Bandith is the shooter the Svay Rieng prosecutor’s closing arguments did not reflect the evidence provided. The verdict will beannounced Tuesday 25 June, 2013.

The only conclusion an independent observer can make is that, yet again, the judiciary is being manipulated.

Puma’s Code of Ethics provides “PUMA respects and upholds the laws and legal requirementsin all countries where it operates.”

We remind Puma and the Royal Government of Cambodia of the most integral law of this country – the Cambodian Constitution, which provides “every Khmer citizen shall be equal before the Law.” – Article 31. 

We demand that Puma make known to the Royal Government of Cambodia that their businessis conditional on the independence of the Cambodian judiciary.


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