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The consistent abuse of Cambodians' rights to land, decent working conditions, access to justice and good governance make CLEC activities more important than ever.

Supporters like you help provide justice and appropriate governance for Cambodians that have been, or will be, forcibly evicted from their homes, displaced, working under dangerous conditions, forced into labor, trafficked, or much worse.

Make a donation today and help usher in a new era of civil society in Cambodia.

Help us make a difference.

To donate to CLEC, either in cash or in kind, please contact us at:

Email: admin@clec.org.kh


 Mobile Phone: (855) 66 77 70 09
 Telephone: (855) 23 21 55 90
 Fax/phone: (855) 23 21 17 23


 P.O Box 1120

 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Offline donation is simple.

You may give money through wire/telegraphic transfer using this information:

 CLEC Bank Account

Bank Name:

Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia

Bank Address:

No 3 R.V. Kramuon Sar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Account Number:




Correspondent Bank

Bank Name:

JPMorgan Chase Bank

Bank Address:

New York, NY, USA

Account Number:

001 1 002516



On behalf of vulnerable and marginalized Cambodians, thank you for your generosity and support!