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Arrest another union (IDEA vice president, Chan Chhun Oeung)

The peaceful gathering of civil society today started from Ona Lum pagoda and ended at Preh Ang Dong Keot, in front of Royal Palace, was not allowed. Two truck loads of around 70 riot polices came and arrested Mr. Sok Chhun Oeung, vice president of IDEA. He was sent to municipality police office early this evening. Lawyers from CLEC and LEACHED were not allowed to meet Mr. Chhun Oeung and asked to return back tomorrow morning.

Boeng Kak Lake Marches to CDC

29 December 2013:

Around 300 – 400 of villagers of Boeng Kak Lake and monks marching to Council for Development of Cambodia demanding consideration of human rights abuses before giving a green light to investors to operate their businesses in Cambodia.