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CLEC-A2J program: Meeting the indigenous group

05-06/02/2014Acess to Justice/AJP & ILO teams consulted with indigenous community members and members of ICs Committee of O Rana and Srae Lvi village, Keo Seima in Modulkiri province. Sek Sophorn is a lawyer, representing the community to file lawsuit at first instance court of Mondol Kiri Province/

MDK. The community has powered attorney. AJP has cooperated with ILO, WCS to take action on this case.

Union Development Protest at Koh Kong

About 30 villagers protest at the gateway to Union Development Company for the respect of their rights to their lands, asking for the on site development and the stop of damaging their property to intimidate them from continuing living on their lands. Phum Peam Kay, Khum Koh Sdach, Srok Kirisakor of Koh Kong on 5 Feb 2014 at 04:15 p.m.

Boeng Kak Lake Marches to CDC

29 December 2013:

Around 300 – 400 of villagers of Boeng Kak Lake and monks marching to Council for Development of Cambodia demanding consideration of human rights abuses before giving a green light to investors to operate their businesses in Cambodia.