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2013-07-16   CLEC

The plantation extends as far as the eye can see, row after row of green leaves swaying against the dusky blue light until, finally, it merges with the horizon. There are no houses, no animals, no people. Just sugar.



Local authorities detained eight residents living near Phnom Penh International Airport yesterday, holding them for about 12 hours after accusing them of threatening security by posting pictures of U.S. President Barack Obama on the roofs of their homes and spray painting SOS below the photographs.



Families in Koh Kong province will today file a complaint with the U.S. government against American Sugar Refining (ASR) over farmland they claim they were violently evicted from to make way for two sugar plantations that supply the New York-based company.



Three ethnic Bunong communities in Mondolkiri province may soon receive long-awaited collective property titles, which would bring to six the total number of communal land titles granted to the country's indigenous people since the Land Law was created in 2001.

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