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All Years, 2011, 2010

2011-12-31   CLEC

In 2011, the CLEC Labor Program negotiated and finalized collective bargaining agreements in 8 workplaces, those being hotel, garment, and airport service provider companies. Sofitel Angkor, Victoria Angkor, Darong Factory, Caltec, WMF, Atisang Angkor, La Residence d'Angkor hotel and Coca Cola company. These instruments provided and legally entrenched benefits for at least 7200 women and men as direct beneficiaries. 


2010-10-08   CLEC

In order to understand present day Cambodia it is imperative that one understands the country's past. In 1975, the Khmer Rouge rose to power with the intention of turning Cambodia into a communist utopia. In order to achieve this, Pol Pot and other high ranking Khmer Rouge cadres decided to recreate Cambodian society from "year zero."  

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